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3 USP To Opt For Paella Catering West Sussex

Hi! I am Mellisa from Vamos Paella.

Do you know how the reason for success of Vamos Paella as THE paella caterers West Sussex?

It all started in the pursuit of culinary perfection in a craft that reflects the culture and traditions of my heritage. My work and due diligence thereof has an immediate impact on how people perceive the Spanish cuisine, stemming from the European mainland of Spain. Creating awareness and access to Spanish Paella to people of UK is the sole driving force in dedicating all my attention and focus to this dish, making sure I represent it genuinely and originally. Besides, I absolutely love the dish and never get tired of it!

Vamos Paella is not just a catering company. Cultivating relationship is what we do – it’s the core of who we are, our source of inspiration and an ever-present reminder of why we love what we do as a paella caterer in West Sussex. Whether it’s our client, an internal employee, a vendor or local farmer, our mutual relationship is the key to our innovation, creativity, and culinary insight.

Paella Caterers West Sussex

We transform weddings, corporate events, cocktail parties and special events from common occasions into extraordinary, unique celebrations. As paella caterers West Sussex, we provide our clients with outstanding customer service for an unforgettable experience.

  • Our event coordinators are available to help you plan your menu, select rentals and choose décor.
  • Passionate about what we feed. We ensure all the dishes we cook are fresh and made from scratch.
  • We have experience in different kinds of events helping offer a diverse range of services.

When deciding on the type of paella for your event, consider the preferences of your guests. Traditional Valencia paella features rabbit and chicken, but seafood paella with prawns, mussels, and squid is equally popular. Vegetarian paella, with its medley of fresh vegetables, is a great choice for non-meat eaters.

We will be happy to provide a tailor-made menu as per your requirements, or take a sneak peek into our 5 customised menus on our website.

Please connect with our paella caterer West Sussex team to find out more.

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