Authentic Paella Caterers

  Authentic Paella Caterers As paella caterers, we are always in search of the authentic paella. When we lived in La Alberca, in Murcia we went […]

Our story – how we became paella caterers

People often ask how we became paella caterers. One answer is from when we lived in Spain – our neighbour out in the orchards of Murcia […]
Tapas Caterers

Spanish Tapas Catering Menus by Vamos Paella’s Catering

Often, people get in touch with us to help out with catering for an evening of drinks with tapas. Tapas catering is one of our specialities […]
Tapas Caterers

Choosing the right tapas menu for your party

Say tapas and what springs to mind is walking into a local bar in Spain to escape the summer heat to choose from a long line-up […]