Tasty Paella
Sofrito – the secret of a tasty paella
Cooking paellas in Murcia

If abuela – grandmother – doesn’t feel like cooking on a Sunday, then many Spaniards order a take away paella. Just order it in advance and then go and pick up your very own freshly prepared paella. The great thing about the paella is it needs to stand after cooking for the rice to finish absorbing all the stock and sofrito, so while you walk home with your take away, it finishes off cooking. All you need do is return the pan later that evening!

paella party

We don’t offer that take-away service yet as our giant paella pans cook for up to 50 people each and measure more than a metre in diameter, so they might be a bit tricky to get home!

paella party

However, we have had to cook paellas in one location in the past and then drive them across town to the party venue. This was because the venue wouldn’t allow naked flames on site. But with the pans foiled over, we arrived just in time to serve three perfect, piping hot paellas! It made a grand entrance through the front door (which we had measured before hand to make sure they were wide enough!).

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