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For weddings and parties with over 100 guests, we can provide a free Jamon carving service. Supported in a ham stand, or Jamonero, our skilled Jamon carvers will carve your Jamon in front of your guests, providing real food theatre, as well as elegant presentation.

How to choose your Jamon Carving Service

  • Iberico or Serrano?
  • Bellota (acorn-fed) or Recebo (acorn & grain-fed)?
  • Jamon (back leg) or Paleta (front shoulder)?

There are three main choices when you’re choosing your ham:

  • Do you want Iberico or Serrano?
    Spain produces over 40 million hams a year, but its cured hams fall into two main categories: Jamon Serrano, which literally means ‘ham from the mountains’ or Jamon Iberico (Iberian ham) from pigs found on prairie like land known as the Dehesa.
    Jamon Serrano comes from the white pig, which is a hybrid that has been bred with many other breeds. It doesn’t have the same quality as the Iberian pig and so it’s cheaper to buy. It accounts for most of the hams sold in Spain and there are three main types:
    – Serrano Bodega
    – Serrano Reserva
    – Serrano Gran Reserve
    They all have a similar curing time of around 15 months.
  • Bellota (acorn-fed) or Recebo (acorn & grain-fed)?
    There are three different types of Jamon Iberico and these depend on the pigs’ diet:
    – Bellota hams are the best and come from free range pigs fed on acorns. These hams are cured for at least 36 months
    – Recebo hams also come from free range pigs, but they are fed
    on a cereal diet, supplemented by acorns. The meat is cured for at least 24 months.
    – Cebo hams come from pigs which are fed on grain. Again the meat from these is cured for 24 months.
  • Jamon (back leg) or Paleta (front shoulder)?
    The differences between Jamón and Paleta tend to be subtle:
    Paletas are smaller and need less curing time. They have a slightly firmer texture and also tend to have a lower fat content.

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