Our Vamos Paella winter paella catering
Our Jamon carving service

People often ask us where we source our produce.

We take great care with sourcing our suppliers and the provenance of our ingredients really makes our food stand out:

    • Our rice comes from the small town of Calasparra in the province of Murcia. The grains are dried naturally after harvesting, meaning that they are able to absorb more flavour when cooked, increasing in size by more than 70%.
    • Our Santo Domingo smoked Spanish paprika comes from La Vera in Extremadura and gets its great depth of flavour from smoking the capsicums over oak fires.
    • Our Chorizo Parrilla is a classic cooking chorizo – and winner of a Gold Star in the Great Taste Awards 2008.
    • Our saffron suppliers have three generations’ expertise in growing saffon and you can see this in its colour, aroma and flavour.
    • Our meat and poultry come from local Sussex farmers.
    • Our seafood is from Brighton and Newhaven Fish Sales who use their fleet of inshore fishing boats to catch high quality, day-caught local fish and shellfish.
    • All our paellas are cooked using a home-made sofrito (rich tomato sauce) as a base to add real flavour.’

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