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Paella – to stir or not to stir

Every self-respecting bread-eating country has its recipes for stale bread. Spain is no exception. And of course, Spain being Spain, with its mix of tradition and strong sense of regional identity, every town has its own version of paella party.

Vamos paella party

In the south, when it rains, you eat migas. That’s the tradition. When trying to give a rational explanation for this, the flimsy excuse is that this calorific meal is best suited to a colder climate.

Migas are essentially fried breadcrumbs with some garlic. The topping depends on your region – sardines in some areas, chorizo and a range of Spanish sausages in others. Or pork or cutlets. Anything goes. And of course – remember to wait for the rains to come; it eats up the calories.

Paella Party
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