weddings-Paella parties are all the rage
Paella parties are all the rage
Tapas Caterers
Spanish Tapas Catering Menus by Vamos Paella’s Catering
Tapas Caterers

Choosing The Right Tapas Menu for Your Party

Say tapas and what springs to mind is walking into a local bar in Spain to escape the summer heat to choose from a long line-up of tapas arranged under the counter. To have with an ice-cold caña of course. Mounds of ensalada Rusa, boquerones and anchovies served together in a ‘matrimonio’ on a piquillo pepper. Or a mound of sangre – a version of black pudding. Or thickly sliced tomatoes drizzled with olive oil served on toasted bread that has been rubbed with garlic.

But how can you turn this into a successful tapas party? We always suggest when going for tapas catering, to start with some canapes while drinks are served: chorizo cocktail sausages offer a burst of flavour; gazpacho shots bring a hit of Spanish summer; tostas with tapenades allow the flavours to speak for themselves – fresh pea and mint; artichoke, black olive and preserved lemon or goats cheese with chorizo jam.

When your guests are seated at your tapas party, a selection of cured meats and cheeses work well along with some warm tortilla and padron peppers. Tapas catering like this allows your guests to enjoy a range of Spanish flavours and they are lovely sharing dishes.

And then, for the perfect tapas party, it’s time for your main tapas: broad beans with mint and garlic is a great combination evoking the flavours of Spanish springtime. Gambas al ajillo arrive sizzling in garlic oil. As well as the succulent prawns, this dish is all about dipping your bread into the sizzling olive oil. Finally, albondigas – succulent meat balls in a smoky tomato sauce.

We always recommend serving your tapas with a selection of artisan breads on the side. If you let us help plan your tapas menu, we guarantee your tapas party will be a real Spanish fiesta.

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