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Paella Parties Are All The Rage

The paella party has become an increasingly popular way of catering for parties over the last few years. And it’s not just paella party caterers; there’s far greater demand these days for wedding catering that’s vibrant and colourful and less formal.

Guests no longer want to sit down to a two- hour long, three-course meal where they get served a piece of poached salmon, some green beans and new potatoes. And that’s why big pan paellas are a spectacular way of catering for more festival-style weddings and parties where the food is a wonderful focal point.

Hosting a paella party couldn’t be easier. We cook our paellas outside under our own gazebo and we’re completely self-sufficient in terms of power. So, whether you’re hosting a paella party for friends in your garden or catering for a wedding in a field with a tipi, paella parties are a great choice.

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