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Tapas Caterers

Spanish Tapas Catering Menus by Vamos Paella’s Catering

Often, people get in touch with us to help out with catering for an evening of drinks with tapas. Tapas catering is one of our specialities as it is such an important part of Spanish culture. Tapas catering can range from going into an Andalucian bar and being served a small tapa to go with a cold beer. Traditionally, these tapas are free but that depends on where you go in Spain these days! Tapas comes from the Spanish verb ‘tapar, to cover. They were originally placed over the drink to keep the flies off!  Even at the height of British summer, that is rarely needed.
However that doesn’t mean that tapas catering isn’t the perfect solution to make your party a success. Tapas lend themselves to being served at a drinks party. They are bite sized and easy to eat when standing. The great thing about tapas catering is that you can choose your own menu to suit your needs and tastes. Our mini chorizo sausages are always very popular: bitesize bursts of Iberico sausage, rich and smoky or spicy, freshly cooked before serving.
Similarly, our range of cold meats are a must: freshly carved jamon, or cured lomo and salchichon. These all look elegant when served to your guests on slates. If you want more vegetarian options, then look no further than our mini tortillas and tostas. The tortilla is a quintessential part of Spanish catering and these mini versions are perfect for tapas catering. The tostas are crunchy toasted breads with a variety of toppings. One of our favourites at the moment is artichoke with preserved lemons and olives. So as we move into summer, it’s time to start planning your own tapas party.

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