Just what is a ‘dirty Majorcan’?


Please can you upload the latest blog and put the attached photo in a red photo. Please can you also resize the photo in the dirty mallorcan paella so they are the same size as the others.

One of our favourite hot tapas, pisto

We love coming to Spain at Easter. If you’re lucky, the sun shines like an English summer and you can guarantee the markets will be teeming. It’s no wonder, as there is so much fresh produce in season. There are wooden crates of plump, ripe strawberries, sacks of broad beans and succulent raff tomatoes which are the best salad tomatoes we have ever come across.
It’s also the perfect time to make one of our favourite hot tapas, pisto. This is a rich vegetable dish of courgette, red pepper, aubergine, garlic and tomatoes, seasoned with pimento dulce, sweet Spanish paprika. It’s slow cooked to guarantee a lovely rich, sweet flavour bringing out the best in all of its ingredients.

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