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It might seem like a dish you associate with summer in the sun but our paellas are proving as popular as ever over the winter. Paella’s a classic dish that’s enjoyed in Spain throughout the year – come rain or shine. Last night, a group of party guests enjoyed one of Vamos Paella’s signature dishes: arroz negra con calamari – black rice with squid.

Vamos Paella winter paella catering

We cook the paella rice in the squid ink which gives it a rich and distinctive silky black colour. And this silky richness is also the best way to describe the deep flavours of this unique dish. It’s squid at its best and it looks amazing – and something so many of our guests have never seen or tried before.

But the real key to this authentic big pan paella is our recipe for the home-made stock, passed down from generation to generation to Teresa, our Spanish neighbour to our finca in Murcia and passed on to Vamos Paella.

paella catering

For the very best results we only use the baby squid fresh from our local seafood supplier in Hove. If you’ve never tried it, we strongly recommend you do and coming to one of our tastings could be just the way to try this dish out. We usually recommend serving three paellas at larger events giving your guests the best experience – have a little of each if you can’t decide or just go for your favourite!

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